Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is carpooling?

    Carpooling is the shared use of a private car by the driver and one or more passengers, usually for commuting. With the increase in gasoline prices, more and more people moving to the suburbs, new traffic laws, as well as extreme traffic round the clock inside Cairo, we believe the need for carpooling in Egypt will grow. That is why we developed to promote and facilitate carpooling in Egypt by providing a virtual platform to connect people who want to carpool together.

  • What are the benefits of Carpooling?

    Carpooling will help you save money on gas, car maintenance and depreciation by splitting these costs among two or more people. It helps reduce traffic, thus saving time to get to your destination. It can also help save on parking costs and space. Another important benefit, it provides a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors while saving the environment and your sanity in the process!

  • I want to carpool, how can I start?

    Sign up - it's totally free! Once you've created a profile, click on the "Search Carpools" tab to browse through existing carpool offers/requests or fill out the "Add a Carpool" form then submit. If you are requesting a ride, as soon as the system identifies a potential offer for your carpool request an automated message will arrive in your inbox to notify you with the details of the matched carpooler. It's that easy!

  • What are my carpooling options?

    Carpooling is easy and fun. You can carpool one-time or every day (recurring) and share a ride round-trip or just one way.

  • I posted a ride request and got a match, now what?

    After you recieve an automated message with a potential match to your carpool request, check out the profile of that person first before you send him/her a ride request. See if there are any common interests or preferences. If your comfortable and feel the person can be trusted then send a ride request by clicking on the link "Request a Ride" in automated message you got. Once the offerer gets your request, he too will evaluate your profile and then reply to your ride request by either agreeing to offer you a ride or ignoring your request.
    You might also want to communicate through the website's messaging system to get to know each other before you actually carpool. Don't ride with someone you don't trust. There are plenty of other possible matches out there available for you.

  • I posted a ride, but not getting any matches?

    In order for a carpool match to occur between any 2 posted rides the following 4 conditions should take place:
    1- One of the rides is a request and the other is an offer
    2- Both rides are starting from the same Area and going to the same Area
    3- Both rides are on the same date
    4- Both rides are at the same time (allowing 1 hour flexibility)
    So, if you have posted a ride request or offer and did not receive any notifications yet, then most probably that means there are still no rides posted that match yours. Be patient and spread the word so that more people register and post their rides and your probability increases.
    Alternatively, if you are flexible, you can use the "Search Carpools" tool to browse through existing posted rides, you might find something suitable.

  • Is there any cost involved in carpooling?

    Using this website is 100% free! However, if you are requesting a ride, you might want to offer the person offering you a ride to share in the cost of gas and other expenses. If the both of you will be driving equally then no money needs to change hands.

  • How much will I be saving by carpooling?

    Taking into account gas, maintenance, repairs and parking costs, you could save hundreds of pounds a month by carpooling. Savings will vary depending on your type of car, price of gas, distance travelled, how many people you will carpool with, etc. To find out more and for an approximate estimate of the amount you can save, check out our Carpool Cost and Emissions Calculator.

  • How can I increase my chances of finding a carpool match?

    Be patient and spread the word: this is a new website and the only way carpool matches will actually occur is that more and more people sign up and post their rides.

  • What if I don't have a car, can I still carpool?

    Yes you can. However, you should contribute in the cost of gas, parking and other related expenses.

  • Am I obligated to take anyone who requests a ride?

    No. We recommend only offering a ride to people you feel you can trust. Spend a few minutes evaluating their profile. Check their review comments and ratings. Do they belong to a trusted university or corporation? Please be careful and use your sound judgment.