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Top 10 Shipping Programs of All Times

Anyone operating an e-commerce store understands the need to have good shipping software for their ebusiness platform. In this age of technology, having the latest or better still advanced shipping programs will enable online merchants to ship products in an effective and timely manner. This has an impact on the overall business as for one it builds loyalty with their customers as well as attracting numerous returning customers.

The E-commerce shipping process is a long process of inventory management, picking the ordered products, checking them, packing them, labeling the shipment, organizing for the shipment to get to the pickup and finally having the shipment dropped off to the carriers. All these processes can be handled by single software or a web-based solution. An e-commerce shop with this technology integrated with their e-commerce platform has a competitive edge as compared to one that still relays on the tradition and outdated practices.

In a world that is constantly seeking for solutions, it can be a daunting task for one to automatically pick the best shipping software to integrate unless maybe they do a thorough research on the net. Also, you can go around asking for recommendations from friends with e-commerce shops. However, to make everything easy for you, you don’t have to read every review for shipping software that you come across. Therefore, we have compiled a list of several programs that we deem the best for your ebusiness demands.

1. Aftership

Most customers complain of tracking numbers not working. This can get someone a headache, however with this shipping software, is the best for tracking solution. The program will effectively match the shipment to the right carrier and the package can be tracked automatically and at no cost. When it has been implemented, the merchant can access the Track Button and display the tracking result from the store. Likewise, your customers can also input the tracking numbers from their side and view the status of their product. Their pricing is so cost-effective and starts from as little as 10cents for the first 100 or fewer shipments, 5 cents for the next 600 shipments, 3 cents for 2000 and a cent for all your remaining shipment, thus is a good option when looking for discounted USPS shipping rates. The terms of payment are that you pay as you go. The downside is that they don’t offer trial packages.

2. Shippo

This is also a nice API that eases shipping. The solution comes cheap and is perfect for most types of e-commerce shops. It lets one compare shipping rates, gets the shipping labels, it will validate customers’ addresses and lets one create customs documents. The solution also allows one to request refunds as well tracking their shipment. Shippo’s pricing structure starts at only 5 cents for every shipment and the terms of payment are also Pay-as-you-go. It’s not clearly known whether they offer a trial package.

3. Easy post

This software is also among the best shipping software for low-cost e-commerce owners. The API allows merchants to purchase postal labels, check shipping rates, verify addresses, and track shipments with various carriers e.g USPS FedEx as well as UPS. The easy posts pricing structure is also pocket-friendly starting from only $0.05 for a shipping label. The merchant is billed when they buy labels. The program does not have a trial version offers but still is ranked among the best.

4. Auctioninc

This web-based software has a calculator that lets users check to compare shipping rates when they add products to the shopping cart. The software is able to package multiple items, handle the drop shipping as well as allowing for package dimensions. Prices start from $1.95 to $4.95 per month, paid on a monthly basis. Also, they have a basic version that is, in essence, the trial version of Auctioninc

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